Mr. Obama has said he welcomes a discussion on the FISA/NSA breach of the American Fourth Amendment. If this were true he wouldn't have run his secret spying program through the secret court.
    We do as a nation need to discuss the actions of our government, and the betrayal that is occurring in Washington. We need to discuss the facts of our federal government:

  • FISA court: a secret court that affects US citizens. Secret courts violate due process (you cannot confront your accusers). Even its rulings are classified.

  • NDAA: allows the military to act on American soil, and to detain Americans indefinitely. It legally allows the detention and assassination of US citizens by the executive branch. It legally allows US soil to be treated like a foreign battlefield. (in essence this is Martial Law because there is a second justice track where the military is the new judiciary, and the legal law enforcement)

  • Drones: the current use of drones in foreign countries is as an assassination tool. Here in America they are being used to monitor people and places. (fourth amendment nightmare, and fifth). Drones have been used to assassinate US citizens abroad, and our attorney general has stated that a executive death order IS due process and they could be used on American soil.

  • NSA/DHS/FBI/PD these are the domestic branches of law enforcement that now have unlimited access and seemingly unlimited power over the citizens given the lack of citizen oversight and the erosion of the constitutional protections.

  • CIA/National Guard/US Military under the NDAA these institutions (like the FISA courts) that were designed for use in foreign lands now have jurisdiction here against the citizens of the US, recently the Pentagon confirmed this by announcing it had the power to quell any uprising in America without the request from the local or state level civilian government.

  • Fascism- the merger of state and corporate powers- is a fact in America. Citizens United states that Corporations are people, and in a land where the government is “For by and of the people” this is heavily loaded and vastly important. Now our government can “legally” serve corporate interests against the citizens interests, and Corporations are able to directly purchase congress and the presidency. Further evidence of Fascism is the blurring of corporations and law enforcement most recently we had it confirmed that the government is collecting data on every American with the aid of the communications mega corporations then that data is handed back to corporate contractors... you may still be arrested by a policeman but your being observed and investigated by a fascist mixture corporation and government.

  So here is the discussion the people of the united states should be having: what do we do now that the government of the United States of America has fallen to Fascism?
     We must exercise our human rights and we must be ungovernable while under an illegal (constitution breaking) government. We must stand together and speak out against the government. We must make our voices heard in the ears of everyone we meet. Then we must arrest those who have failed to uphold their oath to protect the constitution. We must do these things or face the consequences of living under a fascist regime where citizens are slaves with no rights, no wealth, no power, no access to information, and live in fear of their government. Governments like ours with these sorts of laws have happened before recently in Nazi Germany. 1984 is not a playbook and the Third Reich isn't supposed to be either.

MassOps Mission Statement:
     It is MassOps mission to return America to the rule of a legal Constitutional government that serves its citizens with respect for human rights. We will resist and expose Fascism and tyranny in all forms. We will resist and expose the police state. We will never elevate partisan interests over national interests. We will exercise our natural rights as humans and our constitutional rights as Americans. We will be open and transparent in our actions. We will never fall silent in the face of oppression or injustice.