First and foremost thank you to the about 50 people who joined us on Orwell day at the BRIC fusion center in Boston. Thank you to the many speakers who joined us and spoke about privacy, and thanks to the Massachusetts Pirate Party for holding a crytpo party. It's amazing how far things have traveled in the past two months. Two months ago we had maybe 15 people join us at the BRIC for IDP (the International Day of Privacy) so the groundswell of popular local support for action against surveillance was tangible yesterday. We the people are done with having our human and civil rights removed.
     The BRICnic was a friendly peaceful gathering with many local dissent groups we hoped to bring together the voices of dissent so we can continue to shout out against the government system together so that our voices will all be louder. What comes next will determine how successful the BRICnic was but it is encouraging to see the new faces and new voices we gathered and tremendously encouraging to hear the many ideas and approaches to dissent.
     We must remove our consent from this governmental system run amuck. We need to foster communities of dissent and we need to watch over each other. To reach critical mass and create real change we must lend each other support. We need new ideas and new tactics because simply marching alone isn't enough. We need everyone to get involved because it's everyone's asses on the line. There are so many ways to dissent and so many local groups that you can join no matter where you are, so please get involved- and if you can't find a group that works for you start one! The more groups we make and the more actions that are taken the closer we get to reclaiming our human rights.

    We have awoken in the Orwellian nightmare and our only salvation is to pull together to build a better world.

first hour and five minutes of BRICnic speeches


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