Citizens of the Commonwealth,
    MassOps will be hosting #IDPBoston on June First 2013. The International Day of Privacy is a wider movement to support citizens right to privacy- a right which has been trampled. The constitution protects you from the wandering eye of big brother... or so you might think. Despite our contract (The constitution) with our government prohibiting warrant-less search and seizures your data, likeness communications purchases... and everything else imaginable is being taken and monitored by the government. This is illegal. This is a step towards tyranny. This is something we must vocally resist.

     Perhaps you think that this can be sorted out by our courts? Sadly you are mistaken. Post 9/11 the patriot act has destroyed any privacy rights you might have had- and no court for over a decade has overturned those clearly unconstitutional laws. The wiretap part of the Patriot act came to its expiration date... and despite no reason to continue them (as if there was a reason for them in the first place) they were quietly extended. Government policy has run off the hinges to the point where we've had open martial law right here recently and just to be sure that the courts cannot effectively be a check on that sort of power we have the unconstitutional second justice track- The NDAA.

     The Police state is the surveillance state and both depend on your quiet compliance. We ask that you pay attention to the encroachment of your privacy. This is Massachusetts and the ENTIRE state is considered part of the “US boarder” which means you can be stopped and searched without any warrant or and probable cause. This is a violation of the freedoms this country is based upon. When law is illegal it's time to be a criminal. Join us in exercising your RIGHTs even if the law doesn't allow you to. Obedience is for sheep and you will get fleeced if you continue to obey.

    Our state government is dragging it's heels on a bill to strictly limit drone use in Massachusetts. Why is there a question over this? Who is possibly on the other side of putting drones with cameras that can peer into everyone’s homes and track our every move? Not the taxpayer nor voters. Stand with us and make a racket let our state government know you want your privacy.

    Citizens our forefathers died to give you “The right of the people to be secure in your persons, houses, papers, and effects , against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violation, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath of affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized” demaand and use your rights. Demand privacy now! Join us June 1st.

#IDPBoston on June 1:

Event times and details to follow.
We will speak about Patriot Act Cispa NDAA CFAA Drones and many other topics.

    The ability to look at information and speak freely online is critical because without privacy it is easy for the government to control what information you have. They can hide their crimes and punish those who dare to look behind the curtain. Privacy allows us to delve into the world of corruption that lies behind the curtain of government and to report back about the skeletons we find. A free society must have open information and privacy otherwise it will lose its freedom as knowledge and truth become outlawed.

-Lulz will be served promptly and US government can expect cake



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