Operation Marathon Truth has been engaged to question the official story of the bombing of the Boston Marathon. We believe that there is little to no chance that a true story will come out in the public press so we and determined to ask the questions to which the victims and the public deserve answers. Real answers for real victims.

    We are looking at the potential involvement of the FBI. The FBI routinely begins Terror plots to attempt to dragnet catch those who would take part, and may have blown a sting operation. The previous connection between the FBI and the bomber brothers has been established despite the FBI's initial denial.

     We believe that the victims and public deserve to have answers as to what prior knowledge did law enforcement have. Like the FBI false denial law enforcement officials have denied foreknowledge but are full of shit. They cannot explain why they had bomb dogs out- why there were spotters at the event on rooftops why the runners where told there were bomb drills going on or why the Boston Globe was tipped (and tweeted) that there would be two blasts within a minute of one another as a “drill”. The Globe cited “authorities” as their information source in the tweet.

     Why lie? FBI & police why would you continue to deny your role in the bombing? It is embarrassing to admit that in the war on terror you screwed up and lives were lost... but if you wish to remain credible cite your failures and learn from them. Your lies dishonor the dead who you failed to protect.

     We want to see justice brought to the surviving bombing suspect. We want him to be charged and tried in public court. He is an American citizen and has the right to due process. Do not attempt to hide him or silence him by invoking the NDAA or removing him from the normal US justice system. We were able to try Timothy McVeigh in public court and justice was served. The delay in Miranda rights and the ignoring his demand for a lawyer are troubling steps. We are deeply upset that Carmen Ortiz who's track record of failure is glaringly obvious is leading the prosecution.

     The media has a lot of explaining to do as well- their myriad failures over the week-long media frenzy around the bombing should be a source of lost credibility. Why was each news network willing to broadcast the obvious false information handed them by “authorities” without questioning its accuracy? Where was any actual journalism? To date how come the media hasn't asked even some of the questions that the people need to have answered?

    We believe answers to these questions will serve the interests of the people of Massachusetts. We believe that the people have a right to ask these questions and should expect real answers.



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