Engaged to spread awareness and dissent because twice within a year part or all of the state of Massachusetts has been held under house arrest in martial law. This should be disturbing to all citizens of the United States because it highlights that our government can and will break it's contract with the people (who are the supposed sovereign power). We will demonstrate and we will make people aware of the growing tyranny.

     The NDAA indefinite detention clause is a “soft” form of martial law. It is a quiet background that allows a second justice system to exist that breaks the constitution and ends due process, but there aren't soldiers in the streets subduing citizens so most people don't notice or don't care. This is of course a grave mistake by the American people at large- our lack of vigilance in this has allowed those who would wield such extraordinary powers to do so without perceived opposition. If we continue to allow ourselves to be governed by such tyrants we will be at their mercy. Raising awareness and outrage at NDAA will be one goal of OpMartialLaw.

     But again the NDAA is “soft” it's subtle, and chances are it doesn't come up in everyday conversation... it's easy to miss, because there's no immediate direct impact (if you were to face the NDAA detention you'd likely disappear in the night without a trace to some foreign land). The NDAA isn't a threat to the masses directly- rather it's a danger to those noisy few of us who... pay attention and dissent.

     Massachusetts had it's wake-up call last winter. Governor Deval Patrick used an executive order (whenever you hear the words “executive order” just replace them with “traitorously breach of the constitution”) to declare that there was a “driving ban” for the state of Massachusetts. This was a intermediate step in the hike to full “hard” martial law. There was no vote and citizens had no say and no representation- just a command saying stay in your homes. It was to be enforced with ticket... and a year in prison. A YEAR IN PRISION. The entire state was banned from travel and threatened with jail time- that is martial law and it was aimed at the masses... but no one rose up to protest over this flagrant abuse to citizens rights.

     Allowing ourselves to be walked on by the state emboldens the actions of the unscrupulous power mad tyrants, and finally we had full blown naked armed military in the streets martial law- up to a million citizens locked down for a day. Yes there was a “armed and dangerous” individual on the run- but that happens frequently so is this now the blueprint? I am glad the alleged bomber (innocent until proven guilty... unless NDAA-ed) was apprehended, but none of that compares to the issue of freedom and the loss of the rule of law.

     Before the declaration of martial law I was in Boston. I went to Boston to attend the vigil on the commons set up by some former occupiers. It was a peaceful gathering calling for healing, and communal support. After the vigil I decided to go to see the blast site (well as close as I could get anyhow), and check out the police presence. I took pictures of the roadblocks and police vehicles, and of the flowers and banners left in remembrance- I did so respectfully and without challenging the police or crossing any police lines. The police had rifles (M4A1's I believe) on the streets of Boston for crowd control. This is the same sort of rifle that recently police disarmed and arrested a veteran in Texas for carrying (legally), and the same general type of weapon that the mere image of on a West Virginia middle schooler's NRA shirt led to his arrest. This is disconcerting enough, but then an officer “flagged” me- which means to casually point his rifle at me- an unarmed nonthreatening citizen not breaking any law.

     America is a clear police state from the micro level of someone who has had a militarized police officer point a rifle at her to the macro level of every citizen that faced lock-down, and warrantless searches during the open martial law period last week. Let's get the rifle bearing occupying military off our streets forever. Deval Patrick has already stated he doesn't believe there will be any backlash from this- if we wish to remain free there had better be.